Oops… Oh, right… this thing.

So… just as it always seems to go with me, shortly after deciding to resurrect this blog my life gets all tied up with other life-y type things leaving me little time to pontificate on the finer things in life (read: post geeky web found treasures).

And so goes the same for this weekend.  Instead of spending my entire weekend online as I normally do, I’ve decide to go out and explore a bit (egad…  the sun!!!)

For the time being, I’ll leave you with this…  A pretty cool sunset photo taken from my balcony.

Enjoy your weekend, folks.  I know I plan to.  And if anything comes up that happens to be noteworthy, I’ll make sure I let ya’ll know about it.

( 10:15 pm edit: yeah not so great of a night out, after all…  no note worthy details I care to mention.  We’ll just say it didn’t go as planned-which is evidenced by being back home and online by 10pm.)


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I'm a former musician, current data manager, and forever nerd. I'm not an expert in anything. I just enjoy the discussion. So this is nothing more than general pontification from a perma-nerd about the sciences, the arts, sci-fi, and anything else that catches my interest on a particular day.

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