A trip back home?

So next week I head back to Detroit for a work trip, and I’m dreading every little second of it.  Well, almost every second – I DO get to see my family for the first time in almost a year so that works.  But the rest of it is going to kind of suck.

See…  even though I’m from the Detroit area and it will always be home, I’ve grown VERY accustomed to working from home, by myself, without distraction.  So when the bosses say “Come into town, it will be great to see your face in person again” it doesn’t really instill the same thought for me.  For me it’s more like “Damn…  have to start wearing pants during work hours again” and “I don’t really care to see you in person, you’ll just get on my nerves when I can’t click ‘disconnect’ or ‘end call'”.

Oh well.


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